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by rareshoppe (Thursday, 26th January 2012)

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  • RIP 60 (Build ur Muscle!)
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RIP 60 (Build ur Muscle!)
RM300.00  MYR

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RIP 60


Simple Design

The unique design of rip:60™ is perfect for users of all levels. It adjusts with every movement so you get the workout you want. 
The rip:60™ hooks securely on any door, fence, tree or playground bar. It's made of aircraft-quality aluminum and heavy-duty nylon with comfortable hand and ankle straps. This system holds up to 600 lbs. and is guaranteed for life! 

Workout DVD's

The rip:60™ workout DVDs create an 8-week, scientifically designed progression of movements for a complete, total-body transformation. Weeks 1 through 4 focus on strength. You'll learn the right moves and increase your strength endurance. DVDs 5 through 8 target your overall power. You'll develop incredible power endurance with explosive moves that maximize muscle activation.

Week 1: Wake Up Your Body


During week 1, you'll prepare your body for the upcoming workouts. You'll learn specific movements to correct common physical imbalances.

Week 2: Hyper Burn


Turn it up in week 2 with a workout that increases your stability and endurance. You'll perform exercises longer and strengthen your stabilizer muscles.

Week 3: Turn and Burn


This week is full of exercises that require longer reps for increased endurance. You'll utilize the Optimization Zone principle for your dramatic transformation.

Week 4: Recharge


This week is about recovery. Filled with yoga and tai chi, week 4 will change up your routine and give your body a break.

Week 5: Build it up


This is the beginning of the hypertrophy phase or muscle growth. You'll be introduced to heavier weight with accessories like kettlebells and prepare your body for more power.

Week 6: Power and Strength


This week will focus on power moves, introducing faster movements and more reps

Week 7: Pedal to the Metal







The Explosive Moves DVD utilizes the moves you learned in week 6 and integrates them into longer reps. You'll work in the Optimization Zone again, adjusting your angle to maximize muscle activation.

Week 8: The Peak



This is the finale workout, the DVD that brings it all together. You'll combine the strength, power and endurance you've gained for a timed assessment-the rip:60™ combination.

Nutrition Guides

Diet is an important part of your exercise program. The rip:60™ Nutrition Guide was specifically created to enhance your workout results by fueling your body with nutrients essential for each week's workout. Designed to be simple and easy to follow, this plan outlines daily meals for 8 weeks. Each meal takes 15 minutes or less to prepare. As you transition through the workout program, the food plans change to adapt to your workout performance. The rip:60™ Nutrition Guide features 3 different phases; Burn, Recharge and Build. By combining the rip:60™ Nutrition Guide with rip:60™ training, you'll not only drop weight and build muscles, but you'll increase energy, athletic performance, speed and strength.

Package includes:
- FULL set straps
- 12 Workout DVDs
- Nutrition Guide
Price : RM 280(Free Postage to Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah Sarawak add +RM20)





RAReshoppe :013-4062032





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